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For hundreds of years, systematic racism has fueled a constant stream of negative depictions of African Americans by the American print, television, and cinematic industries. Moreover, stereotypical portrayals of Black people seem to have proliferated unchecked on social media. However, Marcel’s Unapologetic is a bold body of work presents a counter narrative to these pervasive stereotypes. Inspired the Afrofuturism movement, Marcel hopes his work "reinterprets, and reclaims the past by reimagining a more empowering future for African Americans.”  Utilizing artificial intelligence, photography, and live models, Marcel is creating a body of work that reflects an African sensibility which displays dignified and iconographic images of Black life. 

Wifey Material
Royal Siblings
The Protector
The Sustainer
Tea Time
New Beginnings
Stroll through Tulsa
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