About My Work

My community, as in many urban neighborhoods, is in a state of instability and transition. As in my neighborhood, a variety of socio-political issues can wreak havoc on vulnerable people. For instance, many marginalized communities across the nation witness redevelopment programs or unchecked gentrification. Urban renewal is paradoxical because as it revives neglected neighborhoods, it encourages gentrifiers to confiscate occupied communities and displace entrenched inhabitants. All too often gentrification is accelerated by unfair and systematically racist housing policies.

As my work seeks to capture the instability of urban centers enduring urban renewal processes, recent inspiration has extended into other social issues exacerbated by systematic racism. As the Corona Virus exposed entrenched housing disparities within Black and Brown communities, a disproportionately high number of fatalities were reported within many US cities.

The killing of George Floyd by Minnesota law enforcement has illuminated the often unfair and brutal treatment of African Americans at the hands of the criminal justice system. As sign carrying marchers protested the harsh treatment of Africans Americans and other People of Color by police, a broader conversation emerged about the role of systematic racism as it pertains an array of issues such as unemployment, poverty, education, and health.

Elements in my work are layered to remind us of the stratified nature of urban neighborhoods. On one hand, the interplay of acrylic paint, transparent paper, photographic collage, and house drawings could symbolize dynamic and lively urban neighborhoods. A variety of color, shapes, and lines, conveys human diversity and cohesion.

Alternatively, these elements have duplicitous meanings. Construction imagery could indicate unchecked urban renewal and gentrification efforts. Debris-like shapes and piercing lines epitomize the destabilizing effects of the criminal justice system and the Corona Virus. Protest imagery can noticed by observing the interplay of architectural shapes and abstracted protest signs.

painting pic.jpg