Available Paintings

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As a painter, I draw inspiration from idiomatic and collective experiences.  My work explores uplifting, provocative, and sometimes dismal recollections from history, folklore, religion, and current events.  I create paintings of peoples, places, and abstract compositions that rely on vivid color and repetitive lines, shapes, and fractals to visually resonate with the audience.  My medium of choice is usually acrylic paint on canvas, but I also employ mixed media on some pieces.

Deeply inspired by the visual arm of the Afrofuturism movement, I use my current work to question social and aesthetic archetypes. In many ways, Afrofuturism, pioneered by the late jazz musician Sun Ra, has much in common with hip-hop music; it has a strong tendency to remix forgotten and neglected elements, and transform them to something hip and contemporary. I attempt to exemplify this post-modern impulse with expressive painting.